PSC Lightband Ensures Successful Mission Completion

The Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA) demonstration mission was successfully jettisoned from the International Space Station on 26 June 2017. Planetary Systems provided the 23.250inch MkII Motorized Lightband used to separate the array from the station’s robotic arm. From NASA:

“Following a week of successful science operations on the experiment for the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA), attempts to retract the array were unsuccessful. The ISS Mission Management Team met Monday morning and made the decision to jettison ROSA directly from its location at the end of the space station’s robotic arm, where it remained fully deployed in a normal configuration.”

Separation dynamics exceeded requirements as tip off rates were near zero. PSC continues to be a trusted partner for manned space flight missions. A video of the deployment is on youtube.

23.250in Lightband Upper Ring connected to base of the ROSA demonstration shown after successful deployment from ISS