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About Us

We build the best separation systems because we don’t compromise on proving reliability. Ours is a history of innovation followed by intense and rewarding engineering to prove reliability. By this method we contribute our best work. It’s all we do.

Our focus means you get the best separation system, always.

Walter Holemans, Founder and Chief Engineer

Corporate Mission

PSC’s mission is to increase shareholder value through design and production of innovative, customer-valued separation systems for the space industry.

Company history

PSC was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing high-quality, affordable mechanical systems to the aerospace industry. PSC has invested over two million dollars and nearly eight years of R&D to produce the Lightband. Lightband is patented in the US and abroad.


Planetary Systems is a dynamic, small aerospace company. We seek hard-charging engineers who value diversity of experience in an innovative and open environment. Please use the Contact Us page to send a resume.