Advanced Lightband

The Advanced Lightband (ALB) is the next generation in space vehicle separation systems. It is used to separate space vehicles from launch vehicles and to separate elements of launch vehicles. The Advanced Lightband is offered in a range of sizes from 8 to 24 inch bolt circle diameter.
The ALB offers many upgraded features and benefits:

  • Low-weight The ALB is one-third of the weight of a typical clamp band
  • Low-height About one half of the height of a typical clamp band
  • Precise initiation Critical separation timing of satellite swarms is enabled
  • Low-shock The ALB generates low shock
  • Low tip-off Special testing can tune rotation rates to less than 1 deg/sec
  • Larger and Precise deltaV Special testing can tune delta V to less than 1.0 inch/sec. Larger springs produce more deltaV than MLB
  • Backwards compatible and pyro-pulse compatible Accepts same connector and pulse as MLB

The Lightband is a patented, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology. It is made with materials and methods consistent with high-reliability and Class-A space flight hardware.

See PSC Document 2003336 ALB User’s Manual for more information.

Part Number or Size

Bolt Circle Diameter [in] 8.000 11.732 13.000 15.000 18.250 19.848 23.250 24.000
Number of Fasteners [-] 12 18 20 24 28 28 32 36