Mark II Motorized Lightband

The Mark II Motorized Lightband (MLB) is a space vehicle separation system. It is used to separate space vehicles from launch vehicles and to separate elements of launch vehicles. The Lightband is offered in a range of sizes from 8 to 38 inch bolt circle diameter.

The MLB is made of aluminum alloys.  The lower ring has hinged leaves, springs, and a dual redundant release motor.  The upper ring has a load-bearing hinge interface. The MLB can support payloads from 50-1200 lb, and has been in production for several years. The MLB has extensive flight heritage.

The Lightband is a patented, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology. It is made with materials and methods consistent with high-reliability and Class-A space flight hardware.

See PSC Document 2000785 User’s Manual for Mark II Lightband for more information.

Part Number or Size

Bolt Circle Diameter [in] 8.000 11.732 13.000 15.000 18.250 19.848 23.250 24.000 31.600 37.150 38.810
Number of Fasteners [-] 12 18 20 24 28 28 32 36 48 58 60